Score one for good design

Someone once told me, or maybe I read it some where, “Good design goes to heaven. Bad design goes everywhere.”

Well score one for good design. Gap has officially abandoned it’s new logo, along with it’s crowdsourcing venture and going back to their trusted blue box. Read more on Brand New

What can we learn from this? Identity refresh or redesigns should not be taken lightly. They shouldn’t be tested or selected via committee. Logo’s might be a dime a dozen, but good logos are one in a million. They take time, skill, talent, insight, strategy and hard work to create.

I love a good refresh/redesgin, but it has to be done right and for the right reasons. People were speaking out because they felt this logo was unacceptably bad, not because they were in love with the old one.

I’m sure there is more to learn, but that’s what I got for now.

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