Gap, an abomination

I’ve been sick the last few days, so I’m a little behind on the GAP gate. I still need to do a lot of reading to catch up, but my initial reaction is “I hope GAP sales go down” and PLEASE no one support the “crowd sourcing bulls**t.”

They paid an agency a ton of money, screwed it up and now they expect the public to figure it out for them?

Designer PLEASE, PLEASE stand up for your profession and don’t buy into this shit. We all know how clients treat design now a days, at least in the US, and with all the “design it yourself” sites and everyones familiarity with Adobe software, there isn’t as much respect for good, well thought, conceptual design as there once was. Everyone wants to play designer and thinks they’re an expert.

Read this from Brand New and I’ll have more later.

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