Our favorite Pennsylvanian has passed along word of Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut, Synecdoche, New York. Official Movie Site Here

Some nice artworks by Scott Patt. I particularly like the one above.Thinking of bringing him in for a show at the Country Club.

Fun poster from pokedstudio aka jonathan ball.

Buy it here or check out some of his other work.

I had to re-post this from cpluv

“Now is possible to get a big sneak peak on upcoming stop-motion beauty Coraline, the new Henry Selick’s film produced at LAIKA releasing by February 6 of 2009. Use all these passwords to explore:


Each one shows different stuff, all worth!”

The Country Club Gallery has an opening this weekend.

Star RM: Art of the Month Club
Friday December 5th, 6 – 10pm through Saturday December 6th, 12 – 6pm

More information

Peter Cuba, a friend who was in the group show we did back in May, just launched a new website.

Check out more of his work at Two Horse Town

We have to check this out! I’m thinking movie night ya’ll! Black Dynamite

Sign up now! You know you want to.