This is my answer the bacon post. It is the authoritative source for news and information about Jeff The Giant Orange Cat and his favorite pastime: killing things. Meow!

I’m sure FACE will be a fan of this. Laser backgrounds included! Sexy People

Heard this on NPR this morning! Obama Soda

I’ve been a fan of Good for a while. I watch their short news clip almost every day. The Professor was telling me about the Time Crimes movie a week or two ago. Pretty interesting.

I’m going to make this for dinner then go straight to the hospital to unclog my arteries.
The rest of the steps

Looking for something to do tomorrow? Want to see some art and hang with the cool kids, then come to the Country Club first, then head over to the Proximity Magazine release party. Its within walking distance, or a really short cab ride, or a medium pony ride.

I know c2ak is in danger of having only video posts, but this one was too
good to pass up. It’s better in full HD which you can watch here.

Directed by Asterokid
Produced by The Mill

Good thing FACE is around to post some real non-video content like the Crocs post below.
I laughed so hard.

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