Finally, Spike Jonze brings it after much anticipation.

Not sure if this is related to the random product groupings of the awesome mag you guys showed me, but this site moves in interesting ways is intended to be a humorous look at what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?!) designs a logo. Barf bags recommended.

Dark Horse Comics, Eric Powell David Fincher and Blur Studio have all teamed up to bring The Goon to life in 2010. Use the link to see some hi-res stills.

Stole this from cpluv

More interesting things – design, art, animals, random at

Tel-Aviv’s baddest afro-funk musician’s newest project comprised of a bunch of random youtube clips. Nothing short of genius. Mike the 2600 King put his favorite album covers together and compiled this excellent mix

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