Vimeo just launched a music store. Could be huge. They have the audience base and are positioning it as a way to buy music for you videos, which is smart. There are other sites out there that offer royalty free music, but if Vimeo can take advantage of their users and be a one stop shop it could be really successful.

Vimeo Music

Heard at the Coffee Truck this morning. So DOPE!

When you get a moment, check out Ara Güler’s photography website. Geli and I were blown away by his photography collection of Istanbul. After visiting Istanbul this past week, his imagery certainly tells the story.

He is an 83 year old living (Leica) photographer with an awesome cafe near his studio (Ara Cafe). We had some great eats and turkish tea that afternoon.

Hilarious. Good to see they’re just having fun with it.

well, since diplo covered it for vanity fair, im sure its going to move into the light. Regardless, its a non-video POST im sure SS has already seen. H8.

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