AP’s post reminded me of Tunnel Jam
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Gorgeous video by the DVS skate team. Amazing editing, concept and execution. I’m so impressed and inspired. Just one of those videos that make me want to create. You’ll want to see it in HD

“12 years in the making and pretty much as good as Avatar though considerably shorter. The bulk of the work on this micro has faded into the distant mists of time but if memory serves Damian Johnson did a couple of sketches of a cat once and Matthias Bjurstrum modeled it, Rodi Kaya rigged it and James Kirkham blessed it with soft downy fur. The rest of the work was done far more recently, Ben Crowe animated it and Antoine Perez worked his ass off rendering, comping and mending all of my stupid errors. Thank you all.”

The epic continues at kittehkitteh.com

Brilliant use of art and design for social change. Can I please work for you, or start an American office?

When you were a kid, did you ever have that one movie you always wanted to rent no matter what? Tron was mine so it’s obvious why this trailer gets me excited. Watch it.

Also adding to my excitement is the fact that Daft Punk is doing the music for the film.
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My new favorite web site. Universal Record Database.

A small collection of photos take during the Typeforce opening.

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