A very short matter of time that is—before someone copied the Cassius music video and iPhone app. Cricket Wireless is running a TV spot for the new Sanyo Zio phone showing people substituting their mouth—other body parts too—with a virtual one singing along to a song by Gram Rabbit.

The ad was done by virtro, and while they did take it in a different direction, it’s hard not to assume they stole the idea from Cassius.

Claiming they stole it might be a little harsh except for the fact that is one of their “work process” bullet points on their website. We Steal. Sure they spin it as stealing consumers away from other brands, but it looks like it goes much further than that.

I hope they at least hired We Are From LA —the creators of the Cassius video—to make the Cricket spot.

Born: John Winston Lennon, October 9 1940
Died: John Ono Lennon, December 8 1980

Hearing Voices

It got dropped yesterday on MTV but took me a day to post it. Great mix of old and new styling. I also got the soundtrack in the mail on Monday. I’m really geeking out on the movie.

Watch the Video on the MTV site

Interesting article/segment on NPR talking about David Hockney’s love for new technology and how he used the Iphone/IPad (and stills uses) both tools to create his latest show in Paris.

A hot hotel in Berlin where each room is designed around a theme. Not a new idea but it’s always fun and the images are great. Really like the prison cell room with the broken wall.

See all the images.

Full of Ed Banger goodness.
Directed by Fafi & Yue Wu
Carte Blanche are DJ Mehdi & Riton

Simple but intriguing site for a new iPhone and iPod touch app that protects your personal passwords, photos, contacts and more.

The site isn’t the most amazing thing ever, but it’s a good use of Javascript and design to build a story for what appears to be a relatively ordinary security application.

Take a look. It will only take a minute and scroll.

PS: Kind-of reminds me of the movie Léon the Professional.

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