Such a simple idea wish I would have done it. Bringing simple physical storage idea to your computer. I Believe in Advertising

This has been making it’s way around the internet the last few days, but so good I had to post it here.

Andrew Myres makes amazing 3D portraits out of thousands of screws. So simple, but so beautiful. Read and see more

I always love seeing studio spaces. I consider a sign of hard work is an organized mess. Images

Link sent to us from our good friend and photographer, Fopat, aka Patrick Fahrner!

For those of you who find value in public radio — Please show your support at

Vimeo just released The Story Beyond The Still HD final collaborative film. The contest was launched in collaboration with the Cannon 7D, it quickly became the largest collaborative, user-generated film effort in history. The final film was launched at Sundance a few weeks ago by you can see it and all the behind the scenes goodies on the vimeo page.

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