A haunting document of the lives that were ruined by nuclear disaster, in particular those of the children, most of whom have severe genetic disorders and a host of lethal cancers.

House Industries always up to some cool stuff! Check out their new Photo-Lettering website!

A bit behind the curve, but HILARIOUS nonetheless.

Come check out the Itty Bitty Art Show this Friday from 7-11 at TBA Space 1039 on Grand. I am contributing 3 contact prints to the group show…Hope to see you there!


Insanely awesome PHOTOS. Try to guess the process before reading more. Thanks Jacob!

I haven’t officially seen all the videos, but definitely check out the film Dift. Annie is a person I met through work and is super talented. Show your love and support for all short films at First Glance Film Festival

Toil, ennui, divorce, overpriced boxsets, stomach bugs, repetition, stomach bugs, gas bills, sexual dysfunction, Justin Bieber and wasps.

Two shows we thought were pretty dope while visiting NYC this past weekend. Mexican Suitcases at the International Center of Photography (ICP) — My favorite image from the show is above and the second gallery show is called, Looking at Music 3.0 at the Museum of Modern Art (Moma) — Check em out before it is too late!

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