This looks like too much fun to miss, Riders at Co-Prosperity Sphere opening this Friday, May 13th. Bring your leather!

This is Dominic Boudreault’s amazing time lapse shot in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Manhattan, and Chicago. Please full screen for desired awe.

I wouldn’t say that I am a feminist by any means, but it doesn’t take an Ani Difranco to realize that Eat, Pray, Love did for feminism what the WWF has done for Olympic wrestling. I could push several boundaries an go on, but the Incredible Hulk has already put it so much more eloquently.

The elusive street artist, Hanksy, posted some of his images around the Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Ukrainian Village last night. Not much is known behind the Brooklyn based artist, besides a love of Tom Hanks, specifically the movie Big. The artist is quoted as saying “The piano scene in Big is f***ing great.” Check out some photos of the artist’s recent work in Chicago below.

You can see the original Soho Hanksy piece the artist created here.

This is my first official post for c2ak as FoPat. I feel very inspired and lucky to be apart of this blog collective. I probably received admin status for my submissions of internet gold (more like platinum), but I guess I will post some great art up as well. For the meantime, here is a man equally inspired but with more samurai monkeys riding border collies:

Also, a very belated Happy Birthday to Strong Surfer, sorry I couldn’t make it out last Friday.

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